Influencer Marketing and Why It Goes Hand in Hand with SEO

Bonjour, Blogger! Influencer Marketing and Why It Goes Hand in Hand with SEO
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Today we have a guest post by Ruth at Hit Search, who work with bloggers and other influencers on campaigns and she’s explaining why they work with influencers.


Have you ever wondered how ‘influencer marketing’ works alongside an SEO strategy? These two elements of digital marketing complement each other perfectly if done the right way, aiding the success of a brand’s website and overall goals.

An ‘influencer’ can be described as an individual who is authoritative in their field and someone who makes an impact on their following. Influencers online and through social media are used to promote products or services to the wider market and essentially, working wonders for brands.

Digital marketing and SEO agency, Hit Search, have put together their top 4 reasons why influencer marketing and SEO are a match made in heaven:

Gets content in front of the right audience

If you’re considered an influential blogger, you’ll get countless emails off PRs, agencies and brands asking you to work with them or feature their products. On many occasions, the brand in question is totally unrelated and couldn’t be further away from your blog content, yet when the right one comes along, it can become the perfect partnership.

If teamed up with the right brand and you have a genuine interest in the product you’re promoting, it comes across as honest and authentic to your followers, meaning it’s more likely the impact will be of a higher value. It’s important to remain conscious of who you work with, as sponsored posts which are unrelated to someone’s blog are obvious to an outreach agency or brands on the lookout for potential partnerships.

Expands the reach and awareness of both blogger and brand

When brands are searching for influential partnerships, they want to create maximum reach and generate as much awareness as possible. However, it’s not always about followers on Instagram – engagement with followers is equally as important and this is also something brands will take into consideration.

If the brand in question is of a high status, the influencer will also benefit from the collaboration promotion, meaning you will also get in front of a new audience rather than just your own. Ultimately, expanding the reach for both brand and blogger will mean an increase in traffic and visibility, resulting in a win-win situation.

Creates authoritative inbound links to site

Brands use SEO tools such as Moz and Majestic, which provide insights into someone’s blog. Ultimately, the higher the Domain Authority and Trust Flow, the more impact the website will have in terms of SEO value if a link is included. You may have millions of followers on social media, but for brands that are looking to build a quality backlink profile, it’s more likely they will be looking for the strength of your site in the eyes of a search engine first. Another thing to note is that blogs with a dedicated Blogspot or WordPress domain will not be beneficial for SEO, so look to get your own personal domain in order to build up authority!

Using keywords and image tags like a boss

Although it’s not common for brands to ask a blogger or influencer to use certain keywords when they post, it’s a way in which you can be on the money in terms of your own content. In order to make your post go as far as possible (and favoured by Google), take some time to ask what keywords should be used in order to produce a quality piece that goes the extra mile. Another thing to think about is ensuring that all your images are tagged up appropriately. This includes title tag optimisation and adding alt tags to each of your images, so search engines can recognise what images are being displayed.

At digital marketing agency, Hit Search, we’re always on the lookout for new bloggers and influencers to work with. We have a varied portfolio of clients that are all looking for different things in terms outreach, so to keep in the loop, make sure you’re following @hitsearch_ruth on Twitter.

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