How To Keep Your Resolutions

Bonjour, Blogger! How To Keep Your Resolutions
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New year, new (blog) you. Or something like that. The start of a new year brings out all those resolutions that you mean to keep, but after a week or so, it’s just not that easy. The best way to keep a resolution is to make it easy to keep – here are a few ways to make sure that you stick to the things you want to do this year!

Be realistic

OK, so you could set a resolution like you’re going to post twice daily, plus upload 2 videos to your YouTube channel, plus still go to work/school/do all the other things that you normally do in a week. It’s possible, but is it realistic? If you don’t set realistic goals, then you’re setting yourself up to fail.

Keep it small

Similar to the realistic note above, keeping your resolutions small makes it easier to keep them. So instead of promising to post multiple times a day, think about what can fit in with your lifestyle, and if that means posting three times a week, but with better quality than if you posted ten times a week, then go for it!

Be accountable

If you tell people what you’re aiming to do, then you’ll feel more accountable to complete them. Writing your goals down also makes it easier to see what your goals are which makes it again, easier to keep to. Getting it down in writing means that what you want to achieve is less vague and gives you something to put on your to-do list each week.

Keep track

Keeping track of how you’re doing every week or so is a great motivator – seeing the numbers increase is a really great motivator and can help you plan for future developments! You can also use the numbers to help you meet further targets – aiming for a certain number by a specific date.

Get help

The best way to achieve something is to ask for help – and if your resolutions are blog related, that’s what we can help best with! Just use the search function to find what you need, or ask us on Twitter!

What are your resolutions?

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