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We wrote about how Flickr was changing their account structures a few months ago, but if you’re like us, you used Flickr as a backup photo storage location, and now want to know how to get all of those photos back. Thankfully, there is a simple way – but you only have a week or so to do it, so get a move on!

The easiest way (but it can take a little while to get everything) is to request all of your data from Flickr. You can do this by going to your settings page, then scrolling down to the bottom right corner. There should be a box there saying “Request my Flickr data” – click it, and wait for an email. You’ll be given a list of zip files to download, which will contain all of your images.

Another way to move your images elsewhere is to use an IFTTT applet to move them to your chosen service – however we would recommend getting a copy of your images first before setting up something to transfer elsewhere, just to make sure that you don’t lose anything.

If you used Flickr to post images to your blog, then unfortunately, the links may break for the older posts, but at least you will be able to download the images before they get deleted so you can amend those posts.

Edit 6th Feb 2019 Flickr have extended their deadline by about a month, so you still have time to get all your images, but make sure you do it as soon as possible!

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