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Thank you for your interest in writing for Bonjour, Blogger! Whilst we share what we know to help you with your blog, we would love to hear from people who know a topic in greater detail who want to share their knowledge too – either with one post, or if you’d like to be a more regular contributor.

We are open to all good ideas and suggestions (and even if you don’t feel like you can write about that topic, please do get in touch to tell us the sort of things you want to learn about!)
Here are a few ideas on the sort of thing we would love to see…

  • What do you do? We’d love to hear from bloggers about their jobs to show that blogging can relate to any career!
  • Does your job involve SEO? Posts about how the average blogger can use SEO or even just the basics (what is SEO?) would be brilliant!
  • Have you created a business from blogging?
  • Do you have any tips on moving from Blogger to WordPress (or any other platforms?)
  • Are you an amazing photographer? Tips and tricks about how to take the perfect product photo or outfit post are always interesting!
  • Can you code? Tutorials about how to create something on your blog or perhaps just teaching others how to tweak their layout go down well

If you think that you can contribute something, then here’s what we’re looking for. We’d like blog posts to be about 300 – 800 words long (that’s about average for a blog post, apparently!), be as close to perfect with spelling and grammar (We know no one’s perfect, but WordPress does have a built in proof reader which can help! You’ll need to know the differences between they’re/their/there though – people get annoyed about the wrong one!) and of course, be interesting and sound like you wrote the post, that it’s not just a robot churning out something.

We would rather not see posts that are obviously just written to promote yourself or your clients, posts that don’t meet our Phentermine Online Offer in terms of language, etc and anything that’s already been posted elsewhere – Google doesn’t like that, and we’d rather not have our (or your!) search ranking affected.

You can also include a short bio, including things like your photo and links to your blog and social media networks. We’ll try to get posts up within six weeks of receiving it from you and will let you know via email if we decide to publish it. Your post will be shared across our social media networks and will tag you where possible.

Our readers are typically females aged between 18-30, and tend to have a blog in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and/or parenting genres. They’re looking to develop their blog further or other skills that can be tied into blogging.

If you’re interested, head over to Where To Get Phentermine Cheap and let’s chat!


Bonjour, Blogger! welcomes submissions from everyone, whether they’re a blogger already or not. Bonjour, Blogger! reserves the right to decline any posts that do not meet our standards or requirements. Bonjour, Blogger! will edit articles where required and will add or remove images if needed. There is currently no monetary compensation available in return for a guest post. Bonjour, Blogger! will endeavour to get back in touch with all respondents within six weeks